Based in Sydney, Australia, Marea Reed's practice lingers on the threshold between what is seen and what is felt, and considers how these unbiddable responses might materialise. Graduating in 2022 from the National Art School with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photo Media) she will be residing in Italy for part of 2023, and commence a Masters in 2024.  A finalist in multiple national and international competitions, winning several awards, she has exhibited in public and commercial galleries across Australia, along with galleries in Berlin, Barcelona and the USA. Her work is held in private collections in Australia, the UK, Spain, New Zealand and America. 

Examining the profound affect of immediate environment on the psyche, her open-ended narratives, in settings suggestive of the Arcadian or the boundless, are metaphors for fernweh – a longing to be far away – that is at once personal, universal, and an abiding feature of (non-Indigenous) Australian art and literature. 

Themes of expansion and ellipsis, of liberation’s many guises, are cognisant of the quicksilver nature of physical and metaphysical worlds, and central to her approach. A fascination with the sublime – and its attendant concepts of interconnectedness, evanescence, imminence and an evolving, abstracted infinite, reverberate across her work.

She is available for commissions and collaborations in Australia and internationally.

Phone:  +61 417 028 968

Email: marea@optusnet.com.au

'Tis almost fairy time      © Marea Reed 2019

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