Marea Reed is a narrative photographic artist, interested in creating stories which still leave room for the viewer's own interpretation.

Influenced by both great cinematography and the Old Masters, her work balances both intimacy and context with an enduring goal of creating an emotional connection and sense of recognition with the viewer.

Born in Sydney, Australia, she has worked in journalism and film.

She says "I am passionate about finding the intangible and putting it in a frame - the interior world of memory, dreams and feeling - and how they are common to us all. I also believe that our surroundings profoundly affect our world view, so our relationship to the spaces we inhabit is central to my work."

Marea has exhibited in several solo and numerous group shows around Australia. Internationally she has exhibited at the 4th Biennial of Fine Art Photography, Berlin in 2016. In addition, as winner of the Fine Art (Single Image) category (with three images) in the 12th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, she exhibited at the Awards exhibition in Barcelona in May 2019; and again in October 2019 as an Honorary Mention in the same category of both the 13th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards and 13th Pollux Awards in the Gala Awards' new dedicated gallery, FotoNostrum Gallery in Barcelona. In 2020 she will be exhibiting again at FotoNostrum Gallery as an Honorary Mention, Fine Art (Series) in the 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards.

A finalist in multiple prestigious art and photography awards, she is was shortlisted in the 2019 Royal Photographic Society's International Photographic Exhibition 162 (IPE 162); and won the Art category in Capture magazine's Top Emerging Photographers of Australasia 2016.

Please phone +61 417 028 968

I am located in Sydney, Australia.

Email: marea@optusnet.com.au

And cleave to gentle things, copyright Marea Reed 2019

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